Learn Simple Exercises That Boost Your Energy and Make You Feel Great

The Taoist Way to a Happy, Healthy Life

  • When and Where

    Join other beginners for this live class every Tuesday at 6:30 am. At the moment you join the class live via video stream. When things are back to normal you can choose between attending live and in-person or via the video stream.

    Classes run every week and you are welcome to book now and join this coming Tuesday. However, you will be joining a group who have attended classes already.

    It is best to join our fresh beginners intake on the first Tuesday of every month so if you'd prefer to join the next intake, come back here 2 days before the first Tuesday of the month and enroll then.

    If you'd like me to email you a reminder to book then put your email in the form below and I will be in touch.

  • Moving & Breathing

    You will learn a range of Taoist exercises including Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Moving Meditation and Self Massage Techniques.

    Get fitter, healthier, more relaxed, confident and boost your energy.

  • How to Join

    Get access to the 4 week beginners course for a one time payment or commit to a healthier lifestyle by subscribing to regular weekly classes.

    Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to choose the option that's best for you then click the button to book your place. We have a new beginners intake on the first Tuesday of the month and meet every Tuesday.

    Once lockdown is over you can choose to continue attending via Zoom or turn up to the class in person.

    Access recordings of the class for a full 7 days so you can repeat the class as many times as you like during the week.

Join The Class

We start next Tuesday.

Connect with other beginners for this live class every Tuesday at 6:30 a.m.


  • What should I wear?

    Wear loose, comfortable clothing (T-Shirt, Jogging bottoms, trainers/pumps) and make sure you have a clear hazard free space to move in.

  • How much space do I need?

    The more space the better but 2 square meters is more than enough.

  • Am I too big/small/young/old/unfit/fit etc. to join in?

    You are perfect. All the exercises we teach can be adapted and tailored to exactly what you need. If they are too difficult you can ease off. If they are too easy, we can make them more challenging. Whatever your level of fitness, you have a lot to gain from these ancient exercises.

  • What happens if I miss a class?

    No problem at all. We make a recording of the class available to you for a full 7 days so you will have plenty of time to catch up and even repeat the class as many times as you like.

  • What if I change my mind and don't want to do the classes any more?

    That's no problem. Peoples lives change all the time. We understand that.

    If you can no longer attend it easy to cancel your subscription and no further payments will be taken.

  • Can I try a class for free?

    Over many decades of teaching, I have observed time and time again that the very best thing you can do is commit to at least 4 classes.

    It's impossible to experience the full range of exercises in a single session and making the commitment to a 4 week course allows you to really experience the benefits.

    You can then make an informed decision about whether you want to keep attending and become more relaxed, flexible, energised and confident.

    It is best if you only sign up when you have made a commitment to yourself to give this a go for at least 4 weeks.

    Join from that mindset and you will gain so much more.

  • Can I do more than 1 class a week?

    You can watch the recordings of the class as many times as you like each week.

    After you have been attending the class for a while, I may invite you to join one of the other classes I run.

    As a student, there will be opportunities to attend further evening classes, daytime classes, weekend workshops, longer courses in the UK, France, Germany and Tenerife as well as Taoist adventures in China....but all of that is in the future :) Let's get a few months training under our belt shall we? ;)

  • How can I find out more?

    Join the waiting list at https://lishi.org/classes/leeds/ and you will get immediate access to a range of videos and articles where you can learn more about these fascinating Arts and the classes I teach.

There are 2 options for you...

You can choose the 4 week beginners course or get a better price by becoming a monthly subscriber.

(You can cancel your subscription anytime).