The Ideal Companion

For anyone wanting to learn Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation or Martial Arts

I have written a book for people who are thinking of coming to class. It’s a fun, yet deep dive into the philosophy, exercises and lifestyle I teach.

The book will teach you some of the exercises we do as well as giving you a stronger understanding of how exercising your body is a crucial part of any journey of personal development and growth.

You will strengthen your connection between body, mind and spirit but not in an airy-fairy, wafty way 🙂 In a way that brings tangible benefits and improvements to your life.

The book has 5 sections:

☯️ Being Natural

☯️ Coping with the Stresses of Modern Life

☯️ Finding Your Flow

☯️ Getting What You Want

☯️ Being Fearless

If you are thinking about taking up Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation or Martial Arts (or even if you’ve already started) the book is well worth a read.

It will definitely help you decide if this is the path for you as well as giving you tips and techniques for using this ancient system of well-being to enhance your life today.

Bonus material

Look at what else you will get

  • Read On Any Device

    Includes both PDF and EPUB files with full instructions for how to add to your kindle or equivalent e-reader.

  • Comprehensive Video Resources

    Get access to the video vault that accompanies the book so you can explore the exercises further and follow along from the comfort of your own home.

  • Free Affiliate Membership

    Access additional content including: ☯️ Members only facebook group
    ☯️ Educational articles and blogs
    ☯️ In-depth interview where I answer beginners most frequently asked questions
    ☯️ A 30 Minute Video Lesson as a taster of what we cover at class