Feel relaxed, centered and confident

Tai Chi has massive benefits for people of all ages...

I started in my first year at university and found it really helped me enjoy life whilst studying. I was able to get a good result without the stress that I saw many of my friends go through. I continued to train regularly after graduation as it provided me with a regular time and space to connect with my self amidst the busyness of my early career and starting an running multiple businesses.

I have related this course for anyone who is thinking of taking up Tai Chi and in particular if you would like to join one of the classes I run each week.

I have found that people who complete this course before coming to one of my live classes feel much more confident, enjoy the course more and are far more likely to continue practising and feeling the beneefits in their lives.

If you are curious about Tai Chi and Daoist Yoga, would like to take better care of your health, want to feel more energised to do the things you love then this course is for you.

Learn Simple Exercises That Boost Your Energy and Make You Feel Great Every Day

In addition to Tai Chi, you will learn some simple Daoist exercises that will help you relax your body, calm your mind, boost your energy and build your confidence.

You will learn:

+ How to warm your body up the Tai Chi way (Gentle and nourishing)

+ How to breathe properly if you want to relax and boost your energy

+ The basic animal stances of the Lishi Daoist Tai Chi

+ Daoist Yoga for increased flexibility

+ Qigong Energy Work exercises

+ Tai Chi for a high energy lifestyle

+ A simple exercise for helping you sleep

+ The beginnings of moving meditation

Meet Your Instructor

I have been practising the Chinese exercise system called Lishi (pronounced "Lee" "Sher") for twenty years and in that time I have seen remarkable changes in the energy levels and happiness of thousands of my students lives.

Relax and Strengthen Your Mind and Body.... You will immediately feel the benefits of the exercises and can start making a positive difference in your life very quickly.
Wai-Yii Tai Chi Instructor

If you want to take better care of yourself and enjoy even higher energy levels than you do now then making these exercises part of your day will do it for you.

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Course Overview

I have structured the course for beginners so that your knowledge builds progressively.

We will start with a gentle warm-up so you can start to feel good from gently moving all the muscles and joints of your body.

Next we will look at how to breathe properly in a way that maximises your oxygen intake, calms your emotions, relaxes you mind and body and boosts your energy. I guarantee this will be different from the way that you breathe right now.

The foundations of Tai Chi and all of the other Taoist exercises of Lishi are the stances. I teach you seven basic stances in a fun way that will strengthen your legs and make the following sections easier to enjoy.

Daoist Yoga is different from other forms of yoga because it encourages you to always keep moving and never hold postures. We move in and out of the postures smoothly and fluidly. This develops suppleness in a much more natural way and helps you to embody the principles of flowing with life.

We do some standing energy cultivation exercises (Qigong) which are very simple to do but not necessarily easy so I have created 3 different videos to help you progress, strengthen your stamina and build up your energy.

With the firm foundation of the previous exercises in place you are now ready to learn the first three sequences of the Tai Chi Form. We will look at the stance-work, the hand and arm positions and the breathing so that you can co-ordinate all three, perform the moves fluidly and start to experience moving meditation.

The course is designed to give you an introduction to the exercises without overwhelming you with technical detail.

If you enjoy the exercises, feel the benefits and start making them part of your life I outline how you can go deeper and further into these exercises to get even more benefit from this course.

You will learn how to:

Do a Tai Chi Warmup

Demonstrate the basic stances needed to do Tai Chi

Breathe the Tai Chi way

Complete the Happy Days Breathing Exercise

Do 2 Dao Yoga Exercises to improve flexibility

Do Standing Qigong to boost your energy

The first 3 sequences of the Tai Chi form we practise in Lishi

Calm your energy to help you sleep

Bonus material worth £48

You also get access to 4 live classes at no extra cost

  • Weekly Classes

    Every week I run live classes for students who want to join me in the training hall and practise together.

  • Class Recordings

    Not everyone can make it to the hall so I also live-stream the classes to students around the world.

    I have made recordings of the first 4 weeks of my beginners course so you can join in and experience what it is like to take part in a live class.

  • Lifetime Access

    When you complete the Foundations of this High Energy Tai Chi Course, you will receive a new training every week for 4 weeks.

    Each class recording is over an hour in length and you get lifetime access so you can repeat the classes as often as you like.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Warming Up

    • 02.1 Intro to warmup

    • 02.3 Warmup - Torso

    • 02.4 Warmup Head and Neck

    • 02.5 Warmup Arms

    • 02.6 Warmup Legs

    • 02.7 Warmup Recap

  • 3

    Learning to breathe

    • 03.1 Intro to Breathing

    • 03.2 Lower Section Breathing

    • 03.3 S-Breath

    • 03.4 Four Directional

    • 03.5 Happy Days

  • 4

    Animal Stances

    • 04.1 Introducing Stances

    • 04.2 Stances - Eagle, Bear and Horse

    • 04.3 Stances - Monkey, Snake, Dragon and Leopard

    • 04.4 Stances Quiz

    • 04.5 Stances Recap

  • 5


    • 05.1 Introducing Qigong

    • 05.21 Qigong 1 Minute

    • 05.22 Qigong 2 Minutes

    • 05.25 Qigong 5 Minutes

  • 6

    Dao Yoga

    • 06.1 Introducing Dao Yoga

    • 06.2 Dao Yoga Duck to Dragon

    • 06.3 Dao Yoga Leopard

    • 06.4 Dao Yoga - Follow along in Norway

    • 06.6 Dao Yoga Recap

  • 7

    Lishi Daoist Tai Chi Form

    • 07.1 Introducing The Square Yard

    • 07.2 Gather Celestial Energy

    • 07.3 Play the Guitar

    • 07.4 Fair Lady Weaving

    • 07.5 Tai Chi Follow along in Norway

    • 07.6 Tai Chi Recap

  • 8

    Cool Down

    • 08.1 5 Lotus Blossoms

  • 9

    Course Review and Next Steps

    • 09.1 Course Review

    • 09.2 Start of your journey

    • 09.3 Find a Class

    • 09.4 What is Lishi

    • FREE Chapter from my book "Way Out - A Daoist Path to a Fearless Life"

  • 10

    Live Class Recordings

    • Welcome to the Weekly Classes

    • Week 1 Class

    • Week 2 Class

    • Week 3 Class

    • Week 4 Class

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

You should check with a qualified medical practitioner that you have no injuries or illnesses that might prevent you from doing this exercise course.

Who this course is for:

People of all ages who are curious about Tai Chi, Yoga or Meditation who want to live a healthier life or students who have begun attending one of our regular Lishi Daoist Tai Chi and Daoist Arts.

Over 50 people have given this course 5 star reviews!

Here’s a handful of them…

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I'd like to make it easy for you to get start on your Tai Chi journey today.

This course normally sells for £99 and that doesn't include the bonus material I mentioned earlier.

With that included you are looking at a course that is easily worth £147

But because there is a waiting list for my live classes I'd like to offer you a generous discount.

Buy the course today and get access to:

  • A comprehensive sequence of exercises to warm your muscles and joints ready to exercise

  • In depth guidance on correct Tai Chi breathing techniques

  • Fun lessons teaching you the names of the important stances we use in the Tai Chi and Daoist Yoga exercises

  • Qigong exercises to strengthen your body and your energy

  • Dao Yoga for increased suppleness

  • The foundation moves of the Tai Chi Form to bring you calm and stillness

  • BONUS - Over 4 hours of live class recordings for you to join in and deepen your understanding of the exercises as well as learn additional exercises

    The true value of learning and practising these exercises is priceless. You can't really put a price on your health and wellness but people have paid close to £150 for this in the past.

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  • Wai-Yii Tai Chi Instructor