What You Get

When you enrol on Laoma's Apprentice Coach Programme you gain access to the very best training so you can become a competent and confident class assistant. This is the foundation that will enable you to one-day start, build and run Lishi classes for the International Taoist Society.

  • Fortnightly video lessons from Laoma sharing in-depth knowledge

  • Exercises and actions to discuss with your own teacher and practice in their class

  • Membership of the Apprentice Coach WhatsApp Group to ask questions and discuss the videos with Laoma and other Apprentice Coaches

  • Quarterly in-person or zoom meetings with Laoma and the other Apprentice Coaches to share challenges and insights and get the support you need on your journey to becoming a Lishi Coach

Course curriculum

(This is just the first module - There are 6 modules)

  • 1


    • 0.1 Welcome

  • 2

    Module 1 Teach

    • 1.1 Content

    • 1.2 Assessment Criteria

    • 1.3 Key Points

    • 1.4 Timing

    • 1.5 Voice

    • 1.6a Positioning

    • 1.6b Positioning

    • 1.7 Theme

    • 1.8 Questioning and Evaluating

  • 3


    • 2.1 Why Assist?

    • 2.2 Roles

    • 2.3 Start Of Class

    • 2.4 Professionalism

    • 2.5 During A Class

    • 2.6 End Of Class

    • 2.7 Think Like A Teacher

    • 2.8 Evaluation

If you would like to join the programme

Click the button below then fill out the form to apply for the Apprentice Coach Programme